Click and drag these links to your Links Toolbar. If the links toolbar is not visible, click on View menu - Toolbars - click on Links. If you want to delete a link, right click and choose delete. Click and drag the links on the links toolbar to change the order.

Increase Font refresh the page (F5) for normal font Hide Images makes images invisible - after they've loaded. Refresh the page to restore images.
view selection Open the selected text in a new browser window Stylesheet switches stylesheets on and off.
Find Displays all occurrences of a word on a page by highlighting each one with a yellow background. Select any word on the page and click on this link.** Thesaurus Find more words like this one.**
cambridge Dic. Look it up in the dictionary.** M-W Dictionary Look it up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.**
Text Font to Arial Change the current font to Arial tinyURL Create a tinyurl - easy to remember and easy to send by e-mail
Save It Save the current page in word format Links generates a list of links for the open page.
Image list Create a list of all images in a new window. Furl It File URLs: Your online favorites manager.
Wikipedia Search wikipedia encyclopedia FontFixer Change the font size and background colour* **
zap colors Remove background and link colors BlogLines Add the current RSS feed to BlogLines
My Yahoo Add the current RSS feed to My Yahoo page. Save to My Web Save the current URL to Yahoo My Web
email/ share Google share this Yahoo Bookmark Beta sharable links like My Yahoo
BlogThis! to post to your account. Search Furl Search the Furl Archive.**
Gabbly chat Chat with other visitors of the site

Google Bookmarks Add to bookmark

[toread] Send the current webpage by email. Select Check Boxes Toggle form selection option.
readability Remove formats Notepad send yahoo notepad contents to shailesh gmail

A few more bookmarks:
Record Comment Type the comment for any site that gets saved on your own computer. Read Comment Read the comment you have recorded!
Search Knowledge Base Search within Microsoft knowledge Base.** Search Microsoft Search Microsoft Web Site.**
Unicodify Convert any non-unicode page from or to unicode.  

transliterate (convert to your own script)

Devnagari Gujarati
Bangla Tamil
Telugu Gurumukhi
Kannad Malayalam

Links for web developers:

Validate Markup For Web Developers Validate Markup (with options) For Web Developers (Learners)
Validate Stylesheets For CSS Learners named anchors Makes anchors visible, letting you link to or bookmark a section of a page.**
block structure Draws borders to show paragraphs, divs, and tables. ancestors Lists the ancestors of any element you hover over in the status bar.
Classes Clicking this bookmarklet shows a list of all class="..." params found in the current page.** Classes in new window Clicking this bookmarklet shows a list of all class="..." params in a new window.**
!XY Clicking it will make current x,y-coordinates appear in statusbar when moving mouse over page.** View Stylesheet View styles used for current page* **
GetContentSize The Higher "Text content percentage", the better. It means you are using less HTML code and Displaying more text. Show cookies Read the cookie value
View Source Read the source code in the browser itself instead of Notepad. eliment Info lets you hover over elements to see their html code in the statusbar.**
!grid Click to overlay the current page with a div containing grid pattern. !usedcolors Opens a new window with a listing of all hex colour values.
Grid sets the background to the HTML tag and then sets the BODY tag to an opacity of 75% kwout Grab Screenshots

Table Bookmarklets:

borders displays or hides table borders.** Number Row Insert Row Numbers on the left
sort table Sort Each column in the table.* transpose tables Change Columns to rows and Rows to columns


List E-mail Links Display all the e-mail addresses on this page bullets to numbers Change Bulleted list to Numbered list
grayscale Applies a "black and white TV" filter to the page.** Compare Compare the current document with itself.
Text font to Courier Change the current font to Courier Text font to Verdana Change the current font to Verdana
view passwords view passwords Shows the contents of password fields. Antville Add the text to the online blog.**
text How does the page look like without any images or formatting! (Text version of current page will open in new window) highlight Same as "Find" mentioned above, but works with Firebird.
Calculator A quick calculator can be used as currency converter Scientific Calculator Advance calculator
zoom images in Doubles the size of each image on the page. zoom images out Halves the size of each image on the page.
enlarge textareas Makes textareas 5 lines taller. character count character count Displays a running count of the characters in each textbox.
!GET Loops through all form fields on a page and stores values in a cookie named 'formfields'. !PUT Fills all form fields in current page based on value of cookie 'formfields'.
Resize Text box for IE Resize For Firefox
Spell check Spell Check current site. Quick Quick shortcut and google search
Jacuba Spell For Firefox Jacuba Spell For Internet Explorer
!note Select some text, click the bookmarklet, sign into yahoo and save your note. notlong Create shorter link like tinyurl with your own keyword
FontFriend (v2.2) View your page in different fonts. extend inputbox Write more in text boxes


It is strongly recommended that you install Google toolbar available here...
If you don't want to install the toolbar, use the following bookmarklets.
Find current site Search the current website for a word.** Google Search one of the best search engines.**
Google Cache Find the current page from Google Cache.** Google Related Find similar sites
Google News Alerts Select a word and click on this bookmark to get Google News Results!** Image Search Select a word on the page and then Search for images.**
Google Category Google Search by category ** GmailThis! creates a mini-interface to Gmail prepopulated with a link to the web page (firefox only) *
Google site Search    Search within current site only Google+wikipedia Search google and wikipedia
Bookmark bookmark the current page at Google Bookmarks Add event Add an event to Google Calendar
Map this. Select an address from a web page and instantly get the map. Definitions get the definition of selected word from Google.
Blog links shows all the blogs that link to the current page. Google map (Popup) Visit the selected address.
Web links is the same bookmarklet adapted for links from the entire web.  


Show Links Dest.Makes a tooltip pop up when you move the mouse over a link, displaying the URL Highlight All Links click twice to remove highlighting again.
hide visited Hide visited links. ext links int/ext links Colors internal links red, external links blue, and in-page links orange.
full urls as link text link text Changes the text of links to match their absolute urls. Underline links Underline all links on current page

NSE related:

olddata Get the NSE share prices by typing date like 2005-feb-04 historical Get the daily ups and downs for a month for a script for e.g. acc
* The Bookmarks - FontFixer, Add Bookmark, View Stylesheet and Sort Table will not work in IE 6.0 as it contains more than 508 characters.
** These Bookmarks will not work with Mozilla firefox browser.


Usability Tips

  1. Install my documents toolbar
  2. Use Quick Launch Toolbar
  3. Delete a file without confirming
  4. Show Full Menus in Word & Excel
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts

1. My Documents toolbar

Right Click on the task bar and choose "New Toolbar" from "Toolbars" option. You can create a toolbar to access My Documents or any other folder

2. Quick Launch Toolbar

To add an icon to Quick Launch Toolbar, right click and drag the application icon onto the quick launch toolbar.

3. Delete fast

Right Click on Recycle bin to choose properties. Deselect the check box next to Display confirmation

4. Show Full Menus in Word & Excel

Start Word or Excel. Right click on the toolbar and choose Customize… Select "Always show full menus" option.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + a Select All
Ctrl + p Print
Ctrl + s Save
Ctrl + z Undo
F4 Repeat